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Skim N Score

SKU: SNS-102

Set Includes - 2 SkimBe Discs/1 Scoring Mat

- Exciting new game from Waterline Toys!  Play on  your favorite winter playground, snow, ice even indoors on floors and carpet.

- SkimBe skips, skims, slides and jumps on almost any surface.  Slide the disc firmly across the surface and watch the patented rocker bottom take over as SkimBe glides effortlessly to the scoring mat.

-  SkimBe has an easy to handle thumb grip and glides across slick surfaces, in the water, rain or even the snow.  #wheredoyouskimbe

- Discs are constructed of high quality, polyurethane 

- Folding mat is 11" folded and 39" x 28" opened flat.

- SkimBe is a 10" disc, weighs 10 oz

How to throw a SkimBe - Place four fingers under the disc and thumb in the accessible grove and using a back hand tennis style motion or a forehand rock skipping motion, slide SkimBe across any slick surface, water, packed snow or ice. #wheredoyouskimbe