About Us

A beach walk and handmade toy has evolved into a family start-up centered around a fun, four season toy that plays in the pool and water, as well as on snow and ice making SkimBe a toy that plays all year round! We know having fun and playing, SAFELY, outdoors creates opportunities for fun and memories anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're a kid, college student, adult or family, people of all ages get together outside to play. Play offers memorable moments, positive and engaging experiences that strengthen our physical, mental and social-emotional health. We know how important it is to find multi-generational ways for families to be together having fun because we are raising a family too and families come in all sizes, and ages and finding ways to play together is so important.

Play with SkimBe® with family, friends, or solo. Play Skim to the Pin®, our water version of "closest to the pin", Skim 'N Score - which plays like shuffleboard, or create your own ways to play. #howdoyouskimbe #wheredoyouskimbe

You can slide it, skim it, skip it, and jump it. Just don't leave it behind! So grab a SkimBe, get outside, have some fun and make some memories.

Mike and Sheri